The bicycle business is no news for RODI, as it has an experience in the field of more than 70 years. From a small parts dealer to being Portugal’s biggest manufacturer of rims and wheels, as well as one of the largest distributors around Europe, it is no surprise that RODI is a company that constantly invests in innovation and technology and that acts towards mobility trends and evolution – it is this business model which has been allowing the company to reach higher ground.

That is why RODI is now targeting the cargo bikes market – a new bicycle variation that came with a promise of paving the way for a low carbon freight – with a new rim collection.
The BRUTUS series has been conceptualized since 2019, as cargo bikes and other heavy-weight transport vehicles came to change the mobility sector in most European cities. And RODI is no company to back out from a challenge, as it is in constant evolution and makes it its goal to improve the quality and performance of its products and to expand its business field and portfolio.

But more than rims and wheels suitable for cargo bikes, the BRUTUS series was conceptualized to carry heavy loads up to 250Kg – an important and defining attribute of the product. Inspired by a Latin expression meaning ‘strength’, RODI chose a specific aluminium alloy and combined it with a robust design – creating the BRUTUS rims with exceptional hard-wearing characteristics.

The automated manufacturing processes and some of the technologies used by RODI, such as the 4D eyelets and the dimple piercing, can reduce stress zones and create the perfect combination of stiffness, strength, and resistance. Also, a special black finishing coat will be used to reduce the risk of scratches and the level of wear and tear of the product.
In the end, RODI created a collection of various sizes and configurations – 20’’, 24’’, 26’’, 27.5’’, and 28’’ – to ensure available options for different cargo bikes and e-vehicle variations.

After undergoing meticulous development and engineering procedures, as well as numerous performance, resistance, and impact tests, the BRUTUS series is now ready to take the market up by storm. These rims will allow for more reliable and resistant support for cargo bikes and other transportation vehicles and reinforce a paradigm shift from conventional means of transport to new options that ride towards a sustainable future.

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